Surrendering Your Dog


If you are planning to contact us to surrender your dog, please read the following:

Each year millions of companion animals are euthanized in shelters across the country and the sad truth is an astounding disproportionate percentage of them are pit bulls and other misunderstood breeds. If they are not euthanized immediately upon admittance, they are often the first to be put down to relieve overcrowding. Their chances are few and their time is short. 

It is therefore, the primary focus of Rescue for the Misunderstood to pull the desperate dogs from these shelters - to take in the innocent lives that are literally sitting on death row and to provide a chance when there is no chance left.  


We realize that there may come a time when you feel you must give up your dog for one reason or another and while we hope you will stop to consider everything that your dog is to you, please remember what you mean to your dog- you are his sole protector. Millions of dogs across the country will never have a person care enough about them to even attempt to find a safe home, or just take a moment to read this as you are now. 

Therefore, we hope you will understand why it is not our policy to accept animal surrenders from the public. While you are hopefully exhausting every option up to and including the surrender to animal control or a local shelter, your dog is safe. The innocent Rottweiler with the goofy smile who is scheduled to be euthanized because ten strays were just brought in and space needs to be made- is not.  Please give your dog every chance possible to be safely placed in a new home, you owe it to him. 

If, after all of your efforts, he or she ends up in the tragic predicament of all too many – it is then, with our resources focused on providing a chance to dogs facing certain death in overcrowded shelters – we will be there to help.

Your dog is your responsibility and his life depends on you.